By-Law updates to be voted on December 7th, 2018

1.4     The term “Good Standing” shall mean a person who has paid the yearly association           dues and is in adherence to the ISFSI Code of Ethics, as stated in Article X11, Section 12.1

7.13   PURCHASING/PAYMENTS All checks, drafts and orders for payment of money shall be signed in the name of the Association in such manner and by such officer or officers or such other person or persons as the Board of Directors shall from time to time designate for that purpose.  The limit shall be $1500.00 per transaction, unless preapproved or a reoccurring payment.

9.1     MEMBER OUALIFICATIONS. Members shall be fire service instructors actively engaged in fire service instruction, and/or persons and firms interested in the fire service instructional field.

A) Fire service and/or EMS personnel actively engaged in the service or emergency medical instructional field or

B) Persons and firms interested in the fire service or emergency medical instructional field, or

C) Individuals who train and educate people regarding the EMS or fire service profession.


  1. 12 INDIVIDUAL (Named Members) LIABILITY AND SUPPLEMENTAL INSURANCES(S).            All members are considered a named insured of MFSIA.  All named members are afforded the opportunity for liability and supplemental insurance(s). Named members are considered an additional insured of the MFSIA for all acts within the scope of membership or while performing duties related to the conduct of the MFSIA and are in current good standing.  For the MFSIA insurance contract, the scope is stated as the following.


  1. Named members are acting on behalf of the Association when said member is traveling to and from, and while instructing a fire or EMS course that represents the association through promotion, advertisement or discussion.
  2. Coverage extends to all named members who meet the scope of the insurance within all 50 states and any U.S. territories.
  3. Coverage extends to only named members; coverage does not extend to additional entities, organizations, businesses or associations of which said member belongs, possesses or maintains.

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MFSIA Educational Scholarship Winner

Congradulations to Keygon Galloner of Bay City, winner of the 2018 MFSIA Scholarship Award.


2018 Scholarship Award Winner

The Michigan Fire Service Instructors Association has established an annual educational scholarship grant program which is sponsored by various sponsors. Awards  will be made each year to a Michigan high school graduate to assist in paying tuition at
an accredited Vocational/Technical School, a community college or a
four-year college or university. One grant in the amount of $500 will be made annually.

Click here for Scholarship Application


 At the 2018 Annual Conference,  Michael Cederholm of the Arcadia Township Fire Dept was honored as the 2017 MFSIA Instructor of the Year  at the 2017 Annual Conference.

 Each year we ask for nominations from our membership for the MFSIA Instructor of the Year. The nominees come from all five regions of Michigan and from this select group, the MFSIA Instructor of the Year is selected. Winners are also selected as Regional Instructor of the Year.
Individuals receiving this award need not be a member of the MFSIA.This years Regional winners will also be awarded a years membership to MFSIA

fire instructor Click here for Instructor of the Year Application

2017 Lifetime Achievement Award

Congradulations to Deward Beeler, was honored as the Lifetime Achievement Award recipient  at the 2016 Annual Conference. 

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