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National Fire Academy’s

Leadership in Supervision:  Creating Environments for Professional Growth  (F0646)

This FREE two-day course presents the supervisor with the basic leadership skills and tools needed 
to perform effectively in the fire and EMS environment. The course includes concepts related to a 
successful transition  to  supervisory  and  leadership  roles,  including  concepts  of  adaptive  
leadership;  change management;   active   followership;   effective   communication,   including   
difficult   conversations   and advocacy-inquiry  based  dialogue;  ethics;  authority;  power;  
decision-making;  and  active  engagement through development of a personal plan.

This course has been adopted in Michigan, and all Instructor I participants who successfully 
complete the course will be eligible to instruct the class in the future.

Application/Registration:   An email with the students FEMA SID number  must to be sent to MFSIA 
Executive  Vice-President  Brian  Blomstrom at  bblomstrom48@gmail.com  to  be  eligible for the  
course; incomplete requests will not be added to the list of participants.  The preferred method is 
application using the NFA 75-a short form.  The email or form must be provided, by email, no later 
than December 1, 2019. Space is limited to 30 students.  Student selection for the course is the 
responsibility of the MFSIA, based upon receipt of the NFA Application and a determination of an 
equal participation ratio from all areas of the State of Michigan - however, priority to fill the 
class to required student numbers is also necessary.

Lunch/Lodging:  Greenville has two hotels available for lodging; lunch is provided on Saturday, 
courtesy of 1-800-BoardUp.

Paperwork Needed:   Participants will need to bring the acceptance email and personalized NFA SID 
in order to attend the class.  If submitted, the NFA form will be returned to the student for final 
review before being submitted to the NFA Instructor of Record.  Students are encouraged to bring a 
copy of their own pre-filled NFA form to the class as well.

January 18-19, 2020 (2 Day Course) 8am-5pm

Greenville Central Services Facility 1414 W. Chase Road

Greenville, Michigan  48838

Pre-registration due by: December 1, 2019

Complete/Submit an NFA Application or send an email

Contact: Brian Blomstrom

bblomstrom48@gmail.com or 616-835-2701

“We, the Fire Service Instructors of the State of Michigan, in order to secure the better 
education, provided information, establish continuity, promote fire safety, form lasting bonds, 
create a good atmosphere

and promote professionalism in the fire service, do establish the Michigan Fire Service Instructors 
Association as a vehicle of service to the people of the State of Michigan.”  - Preamble to the 
Bylaws of the MFSIA

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Michigan State Fireman's Association

Michigan State Police




This autumn we invite you to register for the many training courses available to you from the Michigan State Police, Emergency Management and Homeland Security Training Center (EMHSTC).  Courses ranging from emergency management to hazardous materials will be hosted at locations statewide to accommodate all.

To register, click on a course title below to be linked directly to the course in MI-TRAIN.  Please see the attached instructions to assist in creating a MI-TRAIN account if you don't already have one and steps to get registered for a course.

Also please take a moment to check out the 2019-2020 EMHSTC Course List full of additional training opportunities. 




NIMS ICS All-Hazards Liaison Officer Course (L0956)

October 14-15


Basic Public Information Officers Workshop (G290)

October 15-16

Clinton Twp.

NIMS ICS All-Hazards Task Force/Strike Team Leader (L0984)

October 16-18


HAZWOPER 8-Hour Refresher

October 24


Basic Public Information Officers Workshop (G290)

October 29-30


Senior Officials Workshop for All-Hazards Preparedness (MGT-312)

October 29


Flooding Hazards Science & Preparedness (AWR-362)

November 4


Winter Weather Hazards: Science and Preparedness (AWR-331)

November 5


Disaster Management to Public Services - MGT-317

November 6-7


Winter Weather Hazards: Science and Preparedness (AWR-331)

November 7


Flooding Hazards Science & Preparedness (AWR-362)

November 8

Clinton Twp.

Planning for Disaster Debris Management (MGT-460)

November 8


Hazard Mitigation Comprehensive Plan Interface

November 13-14


Public Safety WMD Response - Sampling Techniques & Guidelines (PER-222)

November 18-20

Bloomfield Twp.

Chemistry II

November 18-20


Assessing Jurisdictional Hazmat Performance Capabilities

December 2


Hazmat Technician Refresher (see attached flyer)

December 2-6




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Also view our website for additional training opportunities and other useful information.  If you have any questions send them to EMHSTC@michigan.gov.  Please share these training opportunities with those in your organization or area that may also benefit. 

We are excited to meet your training needs in 2016!  Happy Holidays! 

Emergency Management and Homeland Security Training Center

Michigan State Police

7426 Osborn

Lansing, MI  48913







2019-2020 EMHSD Training Schedule Now Available

The Emergency Management and Homeland Security Training Center (EMHSTC) is pleased to announce the release of the fiscal year 2020 course schedule.  To view the latest course offerings, please visit www.michigan.gov/emhsd-training and find them under the "State Training" tab.

All course registrations must be completed through MI-TRAIN.  For your scheduling convenience, a calendar option is also available in MI-TRAIN that enables you to view the latest EMHSTC training calendar.

Our staff looks forward to meeting and exceeding your training needs in the coming year!  Register now for the best selection of session dates.



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Emergency Management and Homeland Security Training Center | 517-284-3821 |  www.michigan.gov/emhsd-training  






Michigan is looking for high qualified trainers to be trained to teach Traffic Incident Management to first responders and supporting operations.  A new coordinated, multi-disciplinary training program developed through the Strategic Highway Research Program (SHRP2) has been deployed in Michigan and available for all first responders supporting Traffic Incident Management operations. The training puts firefighters, police, state and local departments of transportation, towing, medical personnel and other incident responders on the same page, leading to a safer, faster, integrated responder team. In Michigan the program will be known as Mi-TIME – Michigan Traffic Incident Management Effort.

Six injury crashes occur approximately every hour in Michigan, putting first responders potentially in harm’s way every day.  Congestion from these incidents often generates secondary crashes, further increasing traveler delay and frustration. The longer incident responders remain at the scene, the greater the risk they, and the traveling public, face. Minimizing the time and resources required for incident clearance is essential to meeting our goals for safety and reliability.

This training can be taught in many different ways; participants can attend a 10hour intensive course, a four-hour modified version and single-lesson modules.  Most states that have deployed this training are doing the 4 hours modified versions.  The program has now been accepted in all 50 states, District of Columbian and Puerto Rico.  The national program has had Michigan specific items added such as our laws and how to set up a taper.

Michigan had three train the trainer session in 2014 with over 2,000 first responder already trained in the Mi-TIME program. A 2015 Train the Trainer has been scheduled for all day August 18 and half a day August 19th.  Please apply to be a trainer by filling out the application and returning to Angie Kremer at KremerA@michigan.gov.  We are expecting the session to fill up so please submit your applications early. The TIM Action Team will be reviewing submitted applications.  Any questions please contact Angie Kremer at KremerA@michigan.gov or 517-636-0247.

Applications can be found on the Mi-TIME website along with other Traffic Incident Management resources: www.michigan.gov/mi-timesafe

Mi TIME - Application-Commitment 2.pdf
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MI TRAIN Instructions2.pdf
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Download for instructions to register
MI TRAIN Instructions.pdf
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MI TRAIN Registration Instructions-per 2[...]
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Monroe County Firefighters Association 

Moncalm County Firefighters Association 

Muskegon County Fire Chief's Presents:
Professional Emergency Services Training and Essential Fire Training Brochure
EFT PEST Flyer.pdf
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Recommendation for this course.

The National Fire Academy

made another 6-day course available for delivery by approved NFA instructors in the states.  This is in addition to the numerous 2-day courses which are available for delivery in-state.

We added a six-day course to your Dashboard – Emergency Medical Services: Quality Management (O0158).  See attached course description.

This 6-day course will provide the critical components, background and principles associated with the implementation, or enhancement, of a department's Quality Management Program.  The course teaches students how to create, implement and maintain a Quality Management Program, including historical examples, current models and best practices of quality assurance and improvement, process improvement and data collection and analysis.

Throughout the course, students work on culminating activities relating to the development of a Quality Management Program.  Students present the culminating activity with classmates and instructors at the end of the course, allowing students to take examples of Quality Management Programs to their departments.

Selection criteria: Individuals who have department-level Quality Management (Quality Assurance, Quality Improvement) management, oversight or supervisory responsibilities.

Delivery type: 6-Day Off-Campus

Prerequisites: ICS 00 level and ICS 200 level training.  Preferred courses are Q462 and Q463 available through NFA Online at www.usfa.fema.gov/training/nfa/courses/online.html.  Chief's signature attests that the applicant has completed this required training.

ACE recommendation: There is no ACE Credit



Course Description
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Emergency Vehicle Driver Training Instructor Up Date Webinar for February



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