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October Community Tap - GLBC


Hi everyone,  Please share and post.  Hope to see a bunch of you there.  Thanks, Mike

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The Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors is hosting the World Burn Congress in Grand Rapids, MI September 13 - 15, 2018, and is looking for support/assistance from the Fire Service.


The Phoenix Society, as many of you are familiar with, is the leading national non-profit organization dedicated to empowering anyone affected by a burn injury.  The World Burn Congress is the world's largest gathering of the burn community and will bring hundreds of participants to share, grow and learn from each other's experiences.  These participants include survivors, first responders (Fire. Law Enforcement and EMS), healthcare professionals and advocacy groups.


As many of you are also aware, the burn community has a distinct connection with the Fire Service, as often we were the first ones there to help them following their injury.


I have attached a flyer explaining the ways firefighters can volunteer to assist in making this Conference a welcoming and healing one.  I would ask that you please post this information in your Fire Stations and throughout your Department's forms of communication.  Please feel free to share with your area Law Enforcement and EMS providers, as they are also welcome to volunteer.  You can find more information at


If you have any questions or looking for other ways to support this effort, please feel free to contact me via email ( or my phone (616.340.6727).


Thank you in advance,


Bob Austin, Fire Chief (ret)

Fire Service Liaison

World Burn Congress 

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Join State Fire Marshal Kevin Sehlmeyer on Monday, October 1, at 10 am, to kick off Fire Prevention Month as proclaimed by the governor and talk about this year’s NFPA theme: Look. Listen. Learn.  Be Aware -- fire can happen anywhere.  He’ll also be talking about residential fire fatalities in Michigan and how the statewide Community Risk Reduction Task Force is working to reduce fire fatalities.  Fact sheets that will cover specific fire safety tips for each week of the month will be made available to all fire departments to share with the public, thanks to the Michigan Fire Inspectors Society.  Please join State Fire Marshal Sehlmeyer to learn more about maximizing your outreach efforts to better educate and inform Michiganders about how to minimize fire risk in their homes.


The link to the event can be found here:

The video chat will also be archived on our Facebook page for those who can’t attend. Registration is not required for the event, however viewers are required to have a Facebook login.


Please share this event with your colleagues in the fire service and the general public. We hope you can participate in this event!

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Coalition Updates


November  2018

Please see the attached New Member Packet(s) for the 100th Legislature. Each chamber has its own PDF. Feel free to reach out with any questions. 

Meet the House Freshmen 2018 - 100th Leg[...]
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Meet the Senate Freshman 2018 - 100th Le[...]
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2018 MI Ballot Proposal Chart 11-6.pdf
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2018 MI House General Election Chart 11-[...]
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2018 MI Senate General Election Chart 11[...]
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2018 MI Statewide and Federal General El[...]
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September  2018

Legislative Update 9-24-18 thru 9-27-18.[...]
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2018 MI Ballot Proposal Chart 9-19.pdf
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2018 MI Statewide and Federal General El[...]
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Sept 6 Exhibit invite.docx
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State of Michigan



The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for FY19 has been reset. The SMOKE program was populating the MOU for one (1) year from the last time a person completed the process. The SMOKE program has been updated to have the start date of the MOU for FY19 be 10-01-2018. Everyone with an Instructor/Course Manager user role will need to login to the SMOKE program to acknowledge the FY19 MOU even if this had been done previously this fiscal year.


Thank you for your understanding and please pass this message along to additional instructors who are not on our distribution list(s).




T.J. Richardson, Region 2 Coordinator

Fire Fighter Training Division – Bureau of Fire Services

Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs

Phone: (517) 285-6803

Fax:      (517) 332-1427

Office Hours: M-F 7:00AM to 3:30PM

2018 MFFTC Training Grant Memo and Appli[...]
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Measuring Michigan's Performance Click here



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