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The Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors is hosting the World Burn Congress in Grand Rapids, MI September 13 - 15, 2018, and is looking for support/assistance from the Fire Service.


The Phoenix Society, as many of you are familiar with, is the leading national non-profit organization dedicated to empowering anyone affected by a burn injury.  The World Burn Congress is the world's largest gathering of the burn community and will bring hundreds of participants to share, grow and learn from each other's experiences.  These participants include survivors, first responders (Fire. Law Enforcement and EMS), healthcare professionals and advocacy groups.


As many of you are also aware, the burn community has a distinct connection with the Fire Service, as often we were the first ones there to help them following their injury.


I have attached a flyer explaining the ways firefighters can volunteer to assist in making this Conference a welcoming and healing one.  I would ask that you please post this information in your Fire Stations and throughout your Department's forms of communication.  Please feel free to share with your area Law Enforcement and EMS providers, as they are also welcome to volunteer.  You can find more information at


If you have any questions or looking for other ways to support this effort, please feel free to contact me via email ( or my phone (616.340.6727).


Thank you in advance,


Bob Austin, Fire Chief (ret)

Fire Service Liaison

World Burn Congress 

Adobe Acrobat document [132.3 KB]

Good morning,

I received the message below from the National Fire Academy.  Currently, they have two October course offerings for R0154 - Safety Program Operations that are in jeopardy of cancelation due to low enrollment.  They have asked that we share this message in hopes of increasing student participation.  Please share!


Thank you,



Kevin Sehlmeyer

State Fire Marshal/Director

Bureau of Fire Services

3101 Technology Blvd., Suite H

Lansing, MI  48910

Telephone:  (517) 241-8847

Fax:  (517) 332-1428



From: "Morgan, George" <>
Date: August 23, 2018 at 9:35:54 AM EDT
To: "Morgan, George" <>
Cc: "Dean, Stephen" <>
Subject: NFA course student recruitment assistance requested 

Greetings State Training Directors;


I am the Training Specialist assigned to the Responder Health and Safety curricula  at the National Fire Academy in Emmitsburg, Md. I have been reaching out to organizations that are constantly promoting a change in our health and safety efforts throughout our Nation’s Fire and Emergency Medical Services. The State Training organizations absolutely have a dog in this fight, and as such I am asking you to recruit from your state those emergency service responders that would want to participate in our safety programs.   


Currently I have two October offerings of our R0154 Safety Program Operations course that are in jeopardy of cancelation due to low enrollment.


Not sure if you could send  a blast email to your organization’s distribution list that could assist the student recruitment efforts  for these two separate course offerings. I have included below in this email all the particulars for the enrollment process .



Calling all company-level officers, chief officers, and supervisors who have department-level health and safety responsibilities (such as program planning and implementation) and who may serve as an Incident Safety Officer or department Health and Safety Officer. The National Fire Academy  has vacancies in two separate offerings of the Safety Program Operations (R0154) course.


The first six day on campus offering is October 21-26 2018          


The second six day on campus offering is  October 28 – November 2, 2018  disregard the “Closed to applications”


Check out the details and apply today!


Follow the directions in the link. Be sure to specify the date of the course offering you wish to attend and your second choice if applicable.


If you have any questions contact the Training Specialist:  George Morgan  email:


Send your completed application to Pay close attention to Block 16 of the application as you describe your duties relative to this class and show your position on your departmental organizational chart. Again any questions contact the training specialist.


We’re looking forward to meeting YOU!


Safety Program Operations  R0154  course description


This six-day course provides knowledge and practice in the context of current issues to develop strategies of risk management associated with the provision of firefighting and Emergency Medical Services to reduce firefighter fatalities and injuries. With a focus on using the risk management model in the health and safety aspects of emergency services operations, current regulations, standards, policies and responsibilities for program management, day-to-day operations, and incident safety will be addressed.




My sincere thank you and your state for getting involved in promoting the National Fire Academy mission at both your state and the national level.   Additionally I am thanking you in advance for your assistance in this recruiting effort,




George A. Morgan

Training Specialist

Response Section

National Fire Academy

United States Fire Administration


16825 So. Seton Ave, J-209

Emmitsburg MD 21727


301-447-1407 -  Office

202-531-2062 - iPhone

301-447-1372 - FAX 

PFAS request
FINAL - BFS Letter - PFAS (3-29-18).pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [48.0 KB]

Notes from MFFTC meetings

MFFTC News and Updates 4-10-18.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [193.2 KB]
MFSIA News and Updates 040618.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [171.7 KB]
Coalition Updates


September  2018

Please Join Members of the

Law Enforcement and Fire Fighting Community


September 6, 2018

10:00 am – 3:00 pm

Lawn of the Capitol


Coffee & donuts will be served at 10 am

Lunch will be served following the

9/11 Memorial Ceremony



You will have the opportunity to experience the many aspects of each profession.


Exhibits include:


Allegan County Sheriff Dive Team


Calhoun County Special Response Team


FOP Lodge 189 Memorial Wall


Green Oak Police Department M-Wrap Vehicle


Lansing Fire Department Aerial Truck


Livingston County Tech Rescue Vehicle


Kent County Sheriff Mounted Division


Ottawa County Sheriff Marine Patrol


Midland Region 3 Regional Response Team Haz-Mat Truck 

Sept 6 Exhibit invite.docx
Microsoft Word document [425.2 KB]

June 2018

Legislative Update 6-11-18 thru 6-15-18.[...]
Microsoft Word document [50.8 KB]

: Legislative Update


Good Afternoon,


A lot has occurred over the last week, please review the legislative report and attachments for a full report.


Have a great weekend!



Legislative Update 5-21-18 thru 6-8-18.d[...]
Microsoft Word document [52.1 KB]
Adobe Acrobat document [3.9 MB]
Adobe Acrobat document [523.7 KB]
Adobe Acrobat document [352.8 KB]

Subject: Fireworks changes


Good Morning,


Yesterday, a meeting was held between MML, MTA, Fireworks industry and myself to discuss changes to Lilly’s legislation.

After much discussion regarding HB 5939, the new Fireworks legislation, we may have a compromise with the Fireworks industry to remove sky lanterns and keep all of the good things in the bill. The current legislation cuts the number of days from 30 to 7/9 depending on the year. The compromise would be adding days back in. So the current proposal would be to add the Sunday of Memorial Day and Labor Day and then allowing for Fireworks from 6/27-7/4.  This would add the additional days from 7 to 12.


We are also working on language that would add parameters for communities to decide when to ban the use of Fireworks. Currently, there are no specific guidelines that anyone must follow.


Please provide any feedback to this proposal.




May 2018

Legislative Update 4-23-18 thru 5-11-18.[...]
Microsoft Word document [50.5 KB]

Good Afternoon,


Attached is the legislative update for your review.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call.  A couple of key items, the fireworks bills that I discussed at the last coalition meeting were introduced. Rep. Lilly is hosting a meeting on Tuesday, May 15th at 3:30 pm to discuss these bills.


Also, Senate Regulatory Reform will be hearing SB 279 next Wednesday at 12:30 PM.


Please see the announcement for the newly created Michigan Stability Board.,4668,7-277-57577_57657_59871-467220--,00.html

Sent from my iPhone

Subject: [REGU] STANDARD: House Regulatory Reform Standing Committee Meeting


Standing Committee Meeting


Regulatory Reform, Rep. Brandt Iden, Chair


DATE: Wednesday, June 6, 2018


TIME: 10:30 AM


PLACE: Room 519, House Office Building, Lansing, MI



HB 5376                (Rep. Iden)         Construction; code; advisory committees for certain

building codes; create.


SB 969   (Sen. Jones)       Liquor; other; use, possession, and sale of

marihuana-infused alcohol; prohibit.




To view text of legislation go to:


Committee Clerk: Ian Mays

Phone: 517-373-1260



Individuals needing special accommodations to participate in the meeting may

contact the Chair's office.


Schedule changes or cancellations available at

April 2018

Attached is the legislative update for the week.  Let me know if you have any questions.

Legislative Update 4-16-18 thru 4-20-18.[...]
Microsoft Word document [48.1 KB]

March 2018

Good Afternoon,


Attached is a letter you or your department should have received from SFM Sehlmeyer.  Please distribute to your memberships to help encourage responses to the survey.  The issue of the use of PFAS is being talked about a lot in Lansing.  They are considering various pieces of legislation around eliminating the use of the chemical.  We will want to be involved in this discussion going forward.


Thank you!


FINAL - BFS Letter - PFAS (3-29-18).pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [48.2 KB]

Good Afternoon,


I apologize for all of the emails, please see the attached Executive Order reconstituting the EMSCC by adding 6 additional voting members.



attachment 1.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [181.4 KB]

Good Afternoon,


Attached is the Senate passed LARA budget from committee.  There are few key highlights from the budget which include funding for the First Responders Presumed Coverage Fund and the money for the Fire Protection Grants. 


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Thank you,


SFA LARA Summary As Reported.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [482.1 KB]
SB 860 As Reported by Subcommittee.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [1.9 MB]
Legislative Update 3-12-18 thru 3-30-18.[...]
Microsoft Word document [50.1 KB]

Asbestos Background HB 5456


For what it is worth – more info than you or Mark will provably care to read….


Two reports the campaign did on asbestos industry deception and the outsized burden veterans have faced from asbestos-triggered disease:

Asbestos companies hid the danger for decades | Asbestos ...

Internal documents reveal that the asbestos industry knew long ago that its products were killing people. It did nothing.

Asbestos Industry Covered Up Danger for Decades, and ...

The asbestos industry was well aware that asbestos was deadly. Yet, the companies that mined asbestos, and those that exposed workers, military personnel ...



Asbestos mortality map for Michigan from 1999-2013:

Asbestos-Related Deaths in Michigan | Asbestos Nation ...

Asbestos is responsible for countless deaths around the world, including at least 10,000 each year in the U.S. alone. Many Americans might think it’s been banned ...



Report: Science for Sale: Ford Spends $40 Million to discredit dangers of asbestos brakes:

Ford Spent $40M to Discredit Danger of ... - Asbestos Nation

In 1971 Ford Motor Company decided that $1.25 per car was too much to spend on safer alternatives to asbestos brakes. Thirty years later, in the face of mounting ...

Adobe Acrobat document [207.0 KB]
Adobe Acrobat document [1.9 MB]
5 points on asbestos transparency act hb[...]
Microsoft Word document [20.9 KB]
Microsoft Word document [24.2 KB]
Microsoft Word document [18.4 KB]

February 2018

Legislative Update

Legislative Update 2-12-18 thru 2-16-18.[...]
Microsoft Word document [49.8 KB]
Legislative Update 2-19-18 thru 2-23-18.[...]
Microsoft Word document [50.7 KB]
Adobe Acrobat document [253.2 KB]

: Legislative Update


Good Afternoon,


Attached is the legislative update for this week. Please feel free to send me any questions.


Two key points to this document:


  1. There is a committee hearing on HB 5460 this week in the Health Policy Committee.

Please review and provide any feedback so we can develop our plan for the hearing.


  1. The Tax Model document is in response to the Department developing a model for an ambulance qaap.  There is a lot of information here.  IF you would like we could schedule a call to discuss the QAAP issue further prior to our next coalition meeting.  Please let me know if you would like to do this.


Thank you,


Tax Model Summary 01312018ms.xlsx
Microsoft Excel sheet [47.0 KB]
Legislative Update 2-5-18 thru[...]
Microsoft Word document [49.6 KB]

Attached is the legislative update for the week!

Legislative Update 1-22-18 thru 2-1-18.d[...]
Microsoft Word document [51.8 KB]

Subject: Governor Snyder's Budget Presentation - Documents and Links to Budget


Clients and Friends,


Attached please find Governor Snyder’s FY 2019 budget documents, also found at the link here:

Budget 2019 FINAL2.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [879.6 KB]
Adobe Acrobat document [1.1 MB]
New file download
Adobe Acrobat document [3.8 MB]

January 2018

Attached is the legislative update for January 15-19th

Legislative Update 1-15-18 thru 1-19-18.[...]
Microsoft Word document [46.5 KB]

Legislative update and the documents from the Consensus Revenue Estimating conference. 


Also, State Budget Director Pscholka announced his resignation today.  He plans to leave his post at the end of February.  He will be running to replace Senator John Proos who is term-limited.

Legislative Update 1-1-18 thru 1-12-18.d[...]
Microsoft Word document [48.8 KB]
Consensus Revenue Estimating Conference.[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [1.2 MB]

State of Michigan

2018 MFFTC Training Grant Memo and Appli[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [161.1 KB]
Measuring Michigan's Performance Click here



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