Fire Member Deaths and Eulogies

At 0355 Hours this Morning (11/30/2018) Deward Beeler relinquished Command and has cleared to Quarters. He is no longer in pain and has achieved peace and serenity. I know what I wish to say, yet I have no idea what to say. The Man, the Myth, the Legend as I called him lived a full life. He touched so many lives; especially those of us in the Fire Service. He was the most humble, fair, and honest person I have ever met. I just cannot explain how fair and true this man was. He spent just shy of 50 years fighting fire.

I guarantee there are many of us who are still here today because of what he taught us and installed into our heads. He devoted his life to the fire service 24-7. He was the firefighters firefighter. "Try before you Pry" and "Hey, put your shield down" !!!

My words cannot express how thankful we are to everyone who stopped by, sent food, phone calls/texts. Deward and Rica have made no current plans for a formal funeral or ceremony. Deward wished to be cremated. Memorials to the family will be used for an education fun for the grandchildren. We Love you Deward. 

Always remember WWDD.....What Would Deward Do.

Updated 11/30/2018


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