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October 2017

After You . . . No After You . . . I Insist

Senate Majority Leader Arlan MEEKHOF (R-West Olive) told reporters on Thursday he expects legislative reforms to local governments' other post-employment benefit (OPEB) to start in the House, but according to a House Speaker Tom LEONARD (R-DeWitt) statement that isn't a done deal. 

On Tuesday, Meekhof and Senate Republicans hosted Gov. Rick SNYDER in caucus so the state's chief executive could briefly discuss OPEB costs, which is crippling the fiscal situation of several of the state's largest cities (See "Bits And Tidbits," 10/03/17). 

"We have a significant problem," said Meekhof about cities and local units of government that have not pre-funded their retiree health care benefits. 

While acknowledging that some local governments are handling the situation quite well, the West Olive Republican described others as being "under water." 

Meekhof suggested some of the local units of government should "possibly consider either raising taxes or cutting benefits." 

Over in the House Rep. Tom ALBERT (R-Lowell), chair of the Financial Liability Reform Committee, and Rep. Jim LOWER (R-Edmore), chair of the Local Government Committee, have been educating members on the issue, but no hearings or formal action has taken place. 

Leonard issued a statement this afternoon at MIRS' request in which he acknowledges OPEB as "an important issue I believe we need to address, but we haven't yet discussed which chamber would act first. 

"The Senate appears to be further along on that issue right now, with the House focusing on cutting auto insurance rates for drivers and eliminating the ridiculous driver responsibility fees," Leonard said. "But of course we'll continue to talk with our partners in the Senate and the governor's office as the proposal takes shape." 

The maneuvering signifies how OPEB has become a political hot potato. Earlier this year, the Legislature pushed through new a teacher pension plan in the spring with bare majority support (55-51 in the House, 21-17 in the Senate) (See "Full House Joins Senate In Passing MPSERS Reform," 6/15/17). 

At its core, right-sizing local governments that have less than 70 or 80 percent of their OPEB costs pre-funded likely means limitations on health care benefits for either current or future local police officers and firefighters. 

Legislators aren't in a real hurray to put up a vote that could be quickly framed as knocking retired cops and firefighters off their health care coverage, particularly before the 2018 elections when Democrats nationally see opportunities in the first mid-term election following the election of Donald TRUMP

So while this "massive reform" could get started this fall, it's, politically, looking more likely to be a lame duck 2018 project (See "How Are 6 Major State Issues Looking For Fall '17?" 7/21/17).


Legislative Update for October 2nd – October 6th   

After last week’s introduction of the auto no-fault reform proposal from Speaker Tom Leonard (R – DeWitt), Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan, and House Insurance Committee Chair Lana Theis (R – Brighton), this week saw the first committee hearing on the legislation.  The House Insurance Committee took testimony for approximately 12 hours on Tuesday.  Despite the initial show of support at the unveiling, opposition to the bill has begun to grow, including from some democrats that initially supported the proposal.  Additionally, a whip count of the committee after Tuesday’s hearing indicated a deficit of four republican votes before the legislation can be reported to the House floor.

Speaker of the House Tom Leonard (R – DeWitt) ended months of anticipation on Thursday when he announced his candidacy for Attorney General.  Leonard is a former assistant attorney general, and is campaigning on a platform of being tough on violent crime, addressing opioid problems, ending sanctuary cities, and helping those with mental health issues.  He is running against Sen. Tonya Schuitmaker (R – Lawton).


Senator Stamas indicated that the House has told him they plan to run SB 264 & 265 on the House Floor the week Oct. 9th

Committee Reports: 

The House Insurance Committee doesn’t have a hearing scheduled yet for this week on HB 5103. The House Republicans have an offsite caucus retreat on Tuesday to discuss the issue.  It is believed the Republicans are still shy of the necessary votes needed to pass the proposal.

The Law and Justice Committee voted out of committee HB 4585, 4590 & 4591.  These bills would increase penalties for those that target police, fire or EMS. 

Senate Government Operations took testimony on SB 594 & 595 which would allow for the creation of special police agencies.  This is essentially privatizing law enforcement.  It is being driven by the Huizenga Group which has contracts in other states for these services.  Their website also discusses that they provide fire services as well. It’s something that needs to be monitored. 

The Senate Energy & Technology Committee continues to take testimony on SB 400.  This bill amends the 9-1-1 Enabling Act to increase surcharges for 9-1-1. Revised drafts are being worked on currently.








Michigan Competitiveness

Clerk Phone Number

Sondra Gordon 517-373-0910


Room 521, House Office Building, Lansing, MI


Wednesday, 10/11/2017


8:15 AM


HB 5040 (Rep. Chatfield) Traffic control; other; driver responsibility fees; eliminate collection of beginning September 30, 2018.
HB 5041 (Rep. Santana) Traffic control; other; educational outreach program for driver responsibility fee amnesty program; create, and provide funding.
HB 5042 (Rep. Love) Traffic control; other; driver responsibility fees; eliminate December 31, 2015 deadline for completion of form notifying department of treasury of individual's intent to perform community service.
HB 5043 (Rep. Hauck) Traffic control; other; driver responsibility fees; eliminate collection of for certain individuals who entered into an installment payment program.
HB 5044 (Rep. Bellino) Traffic control; other; driver responsibility fees; eliminate assessment beginning October 1, 2018.
HB 5045 (Rep. Phelps) Traffic control; other; reference in enhanced driver license and enhanced official state personal identification card act to driver responsibility fees; modify.
HB 5046 (Rep. Marino) Traffic control; other; waiver of driver responsibility fee for successful participation in DWI sobriety court program; provide for on or after October 1, 2018.


Lee Chatfield


Bill Introductions:

HB 5068 of 2017

Construction; code; requirements for certain storm shelters; exclude from building code. Amends sec. 4 of 1972 PA 230 (MCL 125.1504).

SB 0605 of 2017

Public employees and officers; other; 1968 PA 317 regarding contracts of public servants with public entities; modify certain population thresholds. Amends sec. 3a of 1968 PA 317 (MCL 15.323a).

SB 0353 of 2017

Labor; benefits; mandatory job interview information requirements; prohibit local units of government from establishing for employers. Amends sec. 4 of 2015 PA 105 (MCL 123.1384).


Bill Activity:


No activity at this time

Legislative Update 10-2-17 thru 10-6-17.[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [629.6 KB]

Michigan Fire Service Coalition Members

The MAFC has advised Melissa that we will no longer be utilizing the services of Kelly Cawthorne. I realize that our coalition it has morphed beyond its original days of a coalition before a lobbyist and this creates some difficult decisions for you all to make.

The MAFC is willing to continue to work with our like minded associations, although it is unclear as to what our role with in the coalition would be based on previous actions by the coalition.

Please see the attached memo for further discussion.

Michael O'Brian, President
Michigan Assocation of Fire Chiefs

Copy of 06092016 Changes in MAFC Politic[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [49.8 KB]

Cancer Presumption Update:

Your calls and emails made a difference. The House and Senate just passed the 2016/2017 Budget which includes 3 million dollars for our Cancer Presumption Fund!!! One last step...the Governor's signature. We are so close to finally taking care of our members that are developing cancer from work place exposures.

May 2017

Legislative Update 5-22-17 thru 5-26-17.[...]
Microsoft Word document [45.6 KB]
S00542'17 (H-1) Draft 2.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [370.9 KB]

State of Michigan

Measuring Michigan's Performance Click here

State Fire Marshal

Michigan Fire Figthers Training Council

New Instructor II Information

County Training Committee Chairpersons,

Please forward to the fire departments in your county the attached policy detailing the MFFTC Instructor II position. The “Instructor II Policy and Procedures” is taken from the rules as submitted by Council.

Also attached you will find the Instructor II Application which must be filled out in its entirety and submitted to the respective region supervisor for review. Although the policy asks that the application be made through the Information Management System (IMS), we ask that you submit your application in writing until IMS is brought up to speed. 

Thank you for your assistance in this matter. 

Joseph A. Grutza


Download file
Instructor II Policy and Procedures 1.1.[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [142.9 KB]
Download file
Instructor II Application 2 20 14.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [76.8 KB]
Elective Training Application[...]
Microsoft Word document [67.0 KB]
BFS-250A Course and Grant Worksheet 9.1.[...]
Microsoft Excel sheet [45.3 KB]



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