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You have the opportunity to hear your State Fire Marshal talk about the Fire Service in your state.


On Wednesday, January 24th at 7:00pm; the State of Michigan's Fire Marshal - Kevin Sehlmeyer will be holding his next Townhall Meeting at the Baroda Fire Station. He will have a short presentation and then he will be open to questions & a discussion on the Michigan Fire Service. Many of you are curious about how the two Senate Bills (264 & 265) that Governor Snyder signed on November 29th are going to affect our department's training in the future. 


On February 14th Indiana State Fire Marshal Jim Greeson will speak along with Goshen Fire Chief Dan Sink at a Learn & Lunch at First Response in South Bend.


 Both events are free, please see the attached flyers for information on how to let them know you will be attending. 

Baroda Townhall Meeting - SFM Sehlmeyer.[...]
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Feb 14 LL.pdf
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Coalition Updates


January 2018

Legislative update and the documents from the Consensus Revenue Estimating conference. 


Also, State Budget Director Pscholka announced his resignation today.  He plans to leave his post at the end of February.  He will be running to replace Senator John Proos who is term-limited.

Legislative Update 1-1-18 thru 1-12-18.d[...]
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Consensus Revenue Estimating Conference.[...]
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December 2017

Attached is the last legislative log and update for 2017!  Its been a great year! 


Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!



Legislative Update 11-28-17 thru 12-21-1[...]
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Consensus Revenue Estimating Conference.[...]
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Economic and Outlook and Revenue Estimat[...]
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Economic and Revenue forecasts FY 2018 F[...]
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Economic and Revenue Outlook FY 2017-201[...]
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Michigan Economic Outlook and Budget ove[...]
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The U.S. and michigan Outlook For 2018-2[...]
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Well, after a long few weeks and especially long day yesterday, the legislature passed the Governor’s task force report.  This was a huge victory for police and fire fighters across this state. Thank you to all of you that made calls and emailed your legislators.  The Task Force report, as we have discussed, will go a long way to ensure that pensions and retiree healthcare are secured. SB 686 and HB 5298 are the main bills in the package and are identical.  The legislature  will no longer be voting on the bill to amend the Emergency Manager Act (PA 436).  The remaining bills in the package amend the various statutes pertaining to local governments by referencing the new act created in either SB 686 or 5298.  The bills have passed out of both chambers at about 2:30 am.  On Tuesday, we expect that the bills will be taken up in the opposite chamber.  There are several technical amendments that need to be made to ensure that the bills are consistent with the report.  The legislature has agreed that the technical changes will be adopted. 


For your review:



A longer report will be coming this weekend once my brain is working again!


Michigan Fire Service Coalition Members

The MAFC has advised Melissa that we will no longer be utilizing the services of Kelly Cawthorne. I realize that our coalition it has morphed beyond its original days of a coalition before a lobbyist and this creates some difficult decisions for you all to make.

The MAFC is willing to continue to work with our like minded associations, although it is unclear as to what our role with in the coalition would be based on previous actions by the coalition.

Please see the attached memo for further discussion.

Michael O'Brian, President
Michigan Assocation of Fire Chiefs

Copy of 06092016 Changes in MAFC Politic[...]
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December 2017

Message from the President

MAFC Members:

As many of you know, there has been a push since the end of the no-fault debate for the State of Michigan to look at legislation affecting Post Employment Benefits (OPEB).  MAFC leadership and our Lobbyist have been working hard on this issue with the legislators and our coalition of police and fire associations.  Although no legislation has been introduced (we expect it very soon) we have been working hard to make sure that any legislation that is introduced is in-line with the Governors Task Force on the issue.  

Governors Report:,4668,7-277--426496--,00.html

I encourage you to read the report and become aware of it.  

This Wednesday (Nov 29th, 9AM-2PM) there is a lobby day at the capital with Fire, Police, Unions, and Management to support a communities ability to provide OPEB. Im sure all of us are aware with the challenges communities have in staying current on OPEB funding, but there are just too many ways to fund OPEB to mandate a specific solution from Lansing.  

Take time today to talk to your local representative and Senator this week and encourage them to become aware of your community.  A couple talking points:

-Banning a community from providing benefits after retirement will greatly happen our ability to recruit and retain a great workforce.  We all have challenges in recruitment and retention and many full time jobs are open due to a current lack of recruits.  Deleting all benefits will make it very difficult to get future firefighters when we do not offer them health care after retirement. Specifically when this job has a higher increase in cancer, PTSD, and so cardiac events.
-Encourage them to stick with the task force report that was a diverse group of CEOs, Government officials, Public Safety and insurance.  This group weighed the complexities of the situation and came up with a report and recommendations that can work
-Communities are already working on solving this problem.  Many have a tiered program, reduced benefits, increased funding etx.  Know what your community is doing.  In encourage you to look at this web-page here and then compare what has happened over the last 1-2 years and see what your numbers are now.!/dashboard/COUNTY/?lat=44.52784279845551&lng=-86.275634765625&zoom=5&year=2016&showSidebar=yes

Click Here for the Flyer for the Rally on Wednesday, I hope you can let your peers know and those who have retired know and hopefully attend.  If you have any questions, please let me know.

Michael O’Brian
President, MAFC


Message from the President



Update from our previous message on OPEB/Pension Legislation




As expected on Thursday a series of bills were dropped both in the Senate and in the House.  


Senate pkg is SBs 686-701 with the two main bills being SBs 686 and 687.

House pkg is HBs 5298-5313 with the two main bills being HBs 5298 and 5299


The following links are to the two main Senate Bills but you can go to to view any of the bills:


It is our hope you will take time to get familiar with the bills and reach out to your local senator and representative to let them know you do not support the bills.  We have given you some details down below.  Simply put these bills require elimination of future DB plans, future retire health car and can be very over reaching to existing employees and retirees if a plan is having issues.  


Rough summary is:


Phase 1: Transparency and reporting requirements. All units will report uniform data to Treasury based on standards set by the department. These standards include, but are not limited to, discount rates, mortality tables, amortization periods. The Bill requires a trust and requires communities to pay normal costs.  


Phase 2: Based on phase one treasury identifies underfunded units.

-For pensions, less than 60 percent funded and employer contribution are more than 10 percent of unit's revenue.

-OPEB, less than 30 percent funded and employer contribution is more than 10 percent of unit's revenue.

Over time the percentages increase.  


Phase 3:Based on phase 2, reviews any requested waivers and adds additional requirements to those with issues.


Phase 4: Creation of Corrective Action Plan by the local unit of government negotiated with active employees and retirees.  


Phase 5: When above steps are not working, the local government is moved to oversight by Financial Management Team comprised of one individual with 5 years experience working in financial matters; one individual with 5 years experience working in local units of government; one individual who has been a resident of the community affected for at least 5 years.  It allows the team to manage / control the local units budget, sell off any assets and any other action regarding financial operation.


Last step - if no resolution is reached, the provisions under the a modification to the Emergency Management Law would are put in place.


What Requests have beens asked for:

The MAFC is in support of needed reform, but the bills presented have been too over reaching and we can not support these bills as presented.  The bills will greatly change promised benefits to be decreased and listed concerns with leadership continue to be placed in the bill even though there seemed to be some agreement.  


As we continue working toward language agreement, below are the concerns with the drafts provided to us on Wednesday evening. As was outlined by the Governor and legislative leaders, there were four main areas of disagreement discussed:

    • The Ability to Changing or Altering Existing CBA’s outside of the Emergency Financial Manager Law (PA 436)

    • Prohibition on benefits for elected or appointed public safety officials (Sheriffs and Chiefs)

    • Requiring individuals take health insurance benefits if available from an employer during a second career

    • Inclusion of Tackett language


MAFC leadership with a coalition of other public safety organizations have given detailed lists to leadership on concerns. Leadership and bill sponsors have been saying we support the bills as well as encouraging other legislative leaders that our requests have been completed, they have not.  In fact you will find that a good majority of our elected officials do not support these package of bills.  This is why we need you as fire service leaders to continue the discussion with your elected officials in a positive manner and encourage them to vote no in committee or on the floor if it comes this week


Originally the session was due to be wrapped up in six session days this year, both the Speaker and Senate Majority leader have added session days.


This week a committee hearing will take place on Tuesday and bills could go to the floor.  Leadership is going to pull a lot of punches this week.  Vice President Glotzbach will be leading our efforts this week with many other fire chiefs (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and the following two weeks as well).  If you can assist during the week, please reach out to Chief Glotzbach directly and offer your assistance.  


We are working to keep open communication with all interested in this topic. We have continually heard about how you have talked with your local officials.  Please keep this up and make sure we stay away from fear tactics and name calling.  


Any questions please let me know.  

Michael O’Brian
President, MAFC

Pension and Health Care Legislative Update

Both the House and Senate Michigan Competitiveness Committees voted on and passed the 16-bills impacting police and fire benefits today.

These actions were not a surprise to us.  We fully expected this to happen this week and we are still confident we can beat this on the House and/or Senate floor.

With the passage of these bills out of committee, we expect that the full House and Senate will try and vote on these bills as early as Wednesday (tomorrow).

The MPFFU thanks Rep. Jason Wentworth (R-Farwell) for being the only republican to vote-no, joining all democrats on the committee. These legislators stood up for you today. Please send Rep. Wentworth an e-mail thanking him:

We also have committments from several other Republicans in the House and Senate, thanks to your efforts.  All of the Democrats in the House and Senate are opposing these bills.

To be Clear: We are OPPOSED to this legislation as currently drafted.

It is now more important than ever to contact your representative and urge a no-vote. You can find the contact information for your State Representative Here and your State Senator Here. Urge your legislator to:

·         Maintain our ability to collectively bargain

Many financial challenges with local governments are being addressed locally through collective bargaining process. We cannot support any legislation that takes away our ability to negotiate through the collective bargaining process. The legislation in its current form does that.

·         Protect the benefits that have been promised
We cannot support legislation that changes CBA’s that have been negotiated and agreed to. These promises were made, and they need to be kept. This legislation does not protect existing agreements.

MPFFU members are urged to meet in Lansing tomorrow at 930am at the offices of Kelley Cawthorne, 208 N Capitol.  3rd Floor.  A short briefing will be conducted and then everyone will go to the Senate session which begins at 10 am.   We will be meeting with Senators and being visible in the hallways and gallery.

We will also attend the House session which begins at 130pm. 

We anticipate a long day so please arrive whenever you can and feel free to leave when you need to.  Any amount of time you can give us will be very helpful.

If you arrive in Lansing anytime after 10 am, go directly to the Capitol.  You can contact Terry at 734-775-7077 if you have any questions.  Text messaging would be best.

Be sure to follow the MPFFU on Facebook, Twitter for updates.


May 2017

Legislative Update 5-22-17 thru 5-26-17.[...]
Microsoft Word document [45.6 KB]
S00542'17 (H-1) Draft 2.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [370.9 KB]

State of Michigan

Measuring Michigan's Performance Click here

State Fire Marshal

Michigan Fire Figthers Training Council

New Instructor II Information

County Training Committee Chairpersons,

Please forward to the fire departments in your county the attached policy detailing the MFFTC Instructor II position. The “Instructor II Policy and Procedures” is taken from the rules as submitted by Council.


Also attached you will find the Instructor II Application which must be filled out in its entirety and submitted to the respective region supervisor for review. Although the policy asks that the application be made through the Information Management System (IMS), we ask that you submit your application in writing until IMS is brought up to speed. 


Thank you for your assistance in this matter. 

Joseph A. Grutza


Download file
Instructor II Policy and Procedures 1.1.[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [142.9 KB]
Download file
Instructor II Application 2 20 14.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [76.8 KB]
Elective Training Application[...]
Microsoft Word document [67.0 KB]
BFS-250A Course and Grant Worksheet 9.1.[...]
Microsoft Excel sheet [45.3 KB]

Mandatory OSHA safety regs and training deadline passed

June 1, 2016: Deadline to update alternative workplace labeling and hazard communication programs, and provide any additional employee training. Per the final rule issued March 26, 2012, the Department of Labor has adopted the United Nations' Globally Harmonized System (GHS) of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals. This change ensures OHSA's alignment with internationally-developed guidelines for the categorization and labeling of hazardous substances.

Employers are required to educate workers on the new Globally Harmonized System (GHS) labeling system for hazardous chemicals as well as how to read and interpret a safety data sheet (SDS).

Keep employees properly informed about chemicals in the workplace with our Hazardous Material Poster Pack:

Our Hazardous Material Poster pack includes:

  • Understanding Safety Data Sheets
  • How to Read Hazardous Material Labels
  • Globally Harmonized System Pictograms
  • Understanding GHS Hazard Communication Labeling

Ensure your employees are protected from workplace dangers and your company from safety violations by ordering today. It's also a simple solution to meet the latest OSHA requirements.

Progressive Business Compliance
370 Technology Drive
Malvern, PA 19355

If you no longer wish to receive further updates on safety requirements:



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